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         Welcome to King's Church

King’s Church is a mainstream Christian church, holding beliefs similar to many churches throughout China. It is a part of the worldwide “Free Methodist Church” which has churches in America, Canada, Greece, India, Egypt, Africa, Japan, the Philippines etc. Our church in Penwortham is a “British” church, but has a special care for Chinese students and visiting staff who are at UCLan, and many special activities and features for them.

Initial Meetings

We will have three Tuesday night meetings at UCLan's Salvation Army. Free food from 6pm followed by a talk in English with Chinese translation and various other inputs of interest.

  • 18th September: "Welcome to the UK"
  • 25th September: "Science & God"
  • 2th October: "Jesus & the Bible"

Sunday Services

Church service is a formalized period of communal worship. The service is a gathering together of Christians to be taught the words of God and encouraged in their lives.

In King's Church, our services are open to those of any or no religion – so come along and see what it is like.


Housegroups are at the centre of our church activities with Chinese friends. These are meetings in homes, where the activities include refreshments, singing, a teaching session on Christianity and some discussions.



         Contacts ——

Paul Marston:    07885498708
Guan Xiao Yin:    07738707160